Eraser Performs Erase on Itself?


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Hi -

I have 2 drives connected to my laptop, one is the internal boot drive (SSD 0) and the other a USB attached drive that I wanted to erase (Hard Drive 1). Eraser is being run from the internal boot drive on Windows x64 8.1.

Eraser kept stopping about 25% through erasing Hard Drive 1. Upon setting up to erase again after several false starts, I accidentally selected SSD 0. I noticed the error and attempted to stop Eraser. It didn't get very far, but now the SSD will not boot up.

What can I do to recover the drive? This would be a disaster if I lose this drive, as I was not intending to erase it and have no backup.

I am surprised Eraser doesn't have a failsafe that prevents users from attempting to erase the boot drive/drive from which Eraser is running. At the very least, several warnings before allowing. It doesn't seem a full erase using Eraser from a boot drive onto itself would ever be successful anyway, so why allow it in part?

If you have erased the SSD boot drive your only choice now is to reinstall the OS. There is no recovery of an erased drive.

Perhaps try boot up via CD or another drive and you might be able to copy back missing files - its a long shot but has worked in some cases.
Thanks. It barely got started on erasing before I aborted. But maybe a little erased is like being a little pregnant.

Its my fault for selecting the wrong hard drive, but it's surprisingly simple to choose the boot drive by accident, even though it can't be erased running eraser from the same boot drive. I hope you will address in near future... Seems unnecessarily dangerous.