Eraser plugin version mismatch.


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Weird version mismatch.

Is it only happening to me? or is it normal? ;D
I suppose someone was bound to spot it sooner rather than later ... :)

The mismatch is deliberate. Joel left the plugins version at 6.0.9, so that people would not have their Task List cleared when they upgraded to 6.0.10.

Thanks, I thought I did a bad install because I had an error message the first time I started 6.0.10 but disappeared the second time.
Darn, I missed that one. 6.0.11 should not have this problem. I'll fix the code now.
Fixed in r2652.
Oops. I thought that Joel had done it deliberately. But do I not recall that the Assembly numbers were kept constant to preserve task lists ...

Yeah, .NET assemblies have two versions. One is the assembly version which is used for .NET to state dependencies, and that would affect loadability of task lists; the other is the file version, which is what you can see in Explorer. I left the assembly version but changed the file version.

The plugin code obtained the assembly version, which is why the versions did not match. I've since changed the code to obtain the file version.