Eraser Portable 5.8.8 - file names still on disc


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Hi I was preparing a usb drive to sell, so deleted all the files, and then ran eraser portable 5.8.8 over the unused disc space and when it had finished I ran a deep file scan and found that all the file names were still on the drive. I was hoping to delete the files completely, is eraser the right tool for the job or should I use Active Kill Disk or DBAN instead?
This is probably a problem with shadow copies and/or reserve copies of the file metadata; it would not occur if you erased, rather than deleted, the files.

Probably your best course is to do a quick format of the drive to empty the MFT, then run the free space erase again. Please could you report the results; I haven't done this with version 5.x, so would wish to be sure that the results are similar to those with version 6.