[Eraser Problem] File Not Found Popups - Very Annoying!

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Happy New Year for 2006, first off!

Now, to address this annoying eraser problem.

I am running eraser as a scheduled startup application, to zap various
files that I want destroyed and it certainly does that just fine, but it also
has an annoying habit of popping up rather large alert boxes, when it
does not find a file that is scheduled for erasure. These boxes persist
until they are closed, one by one and it is a tedious procedure, to say
the least, not to mention the fact that it shows every one of the files
that were to have been erased, including the location ( lovely, that ;).

So, eraser needs an option that will prevent this, for certain, if not
simply the default ability to routinely ignore missing files.

Thanks so much.

P.S. Where did 2005 go, anyway? ;-)