Eraser Problems on Vista !!!!!!


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Hello !!!
I got 2 Problems with the Eraser , with the actually newest version 6.0 i can Delete Everything when i give the order per Taskmanager but i cant Erase if i try too delete per Right click (reason i dont have enough Rights) (shell extension) but i have installed the programm with adminstrator rights und i have started the programm with admin rights too , with ANY older version i CANT delete "Flv" Files i cant delete them with eraser anyway , if i try he start but dont overwright , i only need one clear one problems if you can tell me how i can clear booth it where perfect . (sry for my bad English)
Go to C:\Program Files\Eraser\ (or wherever you installed Eraser) and right-click on Eraser.exe. Go to the compatibility tab and uncheck Run this program as an Administrator. That should solve your context menu problem.

I don't understand your second problem. Can you post the task log?