Eraser program demolished my disc

Has anyone else the same problem

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Hey peeps!

This program just demolished my new hard disc TB drive :x
I had to hard discs plugged in and one was not partitioned.
I selected my system disc and told Eraser to erase the "Unused Disc space".
Eraser worked over 5 hours to erase anything what I couldn't see.
Then I made a restart after Eraser finished its task to see if nothing went wrong.
After the restart my system disc told me that NTLDR is missing.
I took my partition magic and checked on my system disc.
Then I saw that Eraser deleted the MBR of my system disc.
Moreover Eraser set my system disc to non bootable and changed the Drive Letter to D:
My other disc which wasn't with any data suddenty got the drive letter C: with an "Unknown Partition" :evil:

But that's not all of the crap happened. Additionally on my system disc was created a second partition by
Eraser with the empty partition of my empty drive which seemed to be copied there.
I tried to delete that, but it wasn't successful.
My disc was going to trash now :( :( :(

Poor program. How you can offer such bloody thing to people without warning them from possible data loss?
I have lost my disc, my data, all my work and my operating system and hat a pretty bad clash in my family
because there was not only my data lost.

I'm really about to chuck up the whole day long :cry: :cry: :cry: