Eraser Question/Suggestion


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I think Eraser is great, but I wonder why it has to be running in the task tray. While I don't suppose it has much of a hit on performance, I don't tend to use Eraser on any schedule -- I only want to start it manually, so there's really no reason for me to leave it running in the tray all the time. Is there any way to disable the tray icon? If not, please consider this a feature suggestion :)

There are two answers to this question, which is frequently raised, so the issue is more fully documented in the FAQ.

The first answer is that every task (whether time scheduled or not) is placed in the schedule, so that each task can be tun in sequence. This combined with background running in a multi-tasking environment is why you see the tray icon. You can right-click on it and select 'Exit to close the program. In fact, you have to do this if you want to run Eraser as Administrator (e.g. to do a free space erase) in Win7 or Vista.

That's the bad news. The good news (and the second answer) is that the next version of Eraser will, like Eraser 5, have an option to disable the initiation of the Eraser process on startup.

Thanks for the information. I thought I had looked in the FAQ, but since I was looking for something else I must have skipped right over it. You guys have a lot of patience, answering so many redundant questions with answers you've already made available. I hope you know that people appreciate it.
Thank you for the kind words - much appreciated.

The FAQ post to read is the one on Eraser Architecture and Design decisions, in which Joel demonstrates that many of the things in Eraser 6 that are most frequently questioned are the result of careful thought and deliberate design choices. The security model introduced in Vista and continued in Win7 has made many of these choices necessary, and Eraser now has to operate in an environment that is properly multi-tasking. These realities made it pretty much inevitable that the design of Eraser 6 would be very different from that of Eraser 5.