Eraser secure move double entry bug


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I've just installed v5.82 on a clean Windows XP install. I've noticed that when I right-click and drag a file to evoke the Secure Move option, that Secure Move is being displayed twice as in the screencap below. Is there a way to fix this?

Reinstalling was one of the first things I tried, with both v5.7 and v5.82. The regular right-click menu I have after install gives me "Erase" and "Eraser Secure Move". Then the right-click menu when clicking and dragging shows "Eraser Secure Move" twice. This was on a clean installation of Windows XP as well so I can't imagine where the conflict would be coming from.
Hi technomancer :)

I have just tried this myself with two computers. One with XP Pro SP2 and one with XP Pro SP3. I couldn’t replicate your bug find.

Can you give any more information please ?

Do you have a service pack installed ?

Are you using XP Pro or home ?

Any other settings you may have changed after install ?

Thank you.