Eraser secure move


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I've just downloaded the Eraser 6.0.8 from v.5.8
and noticed the Eraser secure move is longer
available, I really liked this feature :wink:
6.0.8. is a service release, and does not introduce new functionality. The omission of Secure Move from Eraser 6.0 was an unintended accident, and will be made good in Eraser 6.2, which, unfortunately, will probably not appear as a full release for some time.

If you are prepared to put up with the risks associated with development builds of the software, you will find the secure move feature restored in the builds in the 6.1 branch (the latest at the time of writing being This build is working quite satisfactorily for me (apart from one small issue, which I know to be a function of my Windows installation, not the Eraser program), but it is beta standard software.