Eraser Seems to Have Destroyed My Drive


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I recently ran eraser but, for whatever reason, an error occured and I had to end it through ctrl-alt-delete. Now, however, whenever I try to access the drive through My Computer, it hangs for like twenty minutes until it finally loads. ALL the temp files eraser creates were still there. A few hundred thousand, I think (I'm away from the computer so can't check). Trying to delete all or even a few at a time makes the computer hang indefinitely. I'm talking hours with no action.

What can I do?
Hi sakesniper

Reboot your computer.

Disable any running programs you can.

Empty recycle bin.

Set Eraser to 1 pass free-space wipe.

Re Run Eraser.

Check back after a couple of hours and see if all the temp files are gone.

If they have gone and your computer is still slow, check for adware and virus’s by using spybot and an antivirus of your choice.

Try a defrag.