Eraser semmed to hang on Erasing Old System File Tables


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I was doing a manual free space wipe with Eraser it started out fine but then when it got to 90% it said it was Erasing Old System File Tables and 3 hours later it was still at 90% so i canceled it. it was not set to erase cluster tips. Notably I have in the past erased the free space on this drive with the cluster tips option enabled and that completed although with the usual bout of errors from files it couldn't erase them on.

I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition with sp3 installed.
Depending on how long your drive has been, there may be many unused entries in your MFT which would require a lot of data to be written. This is normal. However, I do agree that with a very worn drive, the amount of time required to erase the old entries increases (my estimates are that it goes up exponentially with the number of entries required) and a fix for the performance of the erase will be made some time in the future.

But as of now, the feature does work. Just probably sub-optimally (but bear in mind v5 did the exact same thing.)