Eraser Shell-Extension broken


New Member
Sometimes the Eraser-Shell-Extension (5.86.1) doesn't work for me.

Wenn I right-click the file and choose "Erase" nothing happens. But starting the Eraser main window and dragging-dropping and running the file erasing works. So it's not a problem with the file (which I can delete using explorer and on which I have all NTFS-rights, btw) but with the Eraser-Install.

I checked the Registry what the right-click actually does and found that this just runs eraser.exe with the filename as parameter in quotes, e.g. eraser.exe "file.jpg". So I ran this on the commandline and got the error message "Eraser: eine unbenannte Datei hat ein unbekanntes Format" which translates to "Eraser: an unnamed file has an unknown format". This is not related to the file itself because this also happens when I try it on a freshly created plaintext-file.

Re-Installing didn't help. Any idea what's going on?