Eraser short cut


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Hi, I've been using eraser for many years and I would like to say first that I love it! My question is regarding making a short cut equaling the right click erase file command.

For example, I have started using one of those classic style menu and folder softwares on Windows 8 (since the new menu is so different) and I have been making short cut icons in the explorer menu (delete, cut, copy and such) I can also make custom short cuts to programs and instead of right-clicking files and then clicking eraser/erase to shred the file, I would like to have an icon where I can highlight the file(s) and then click the icon and have it erased without the need of the right click menu.

The short cut requires 1 or more of the following:


Can you please tell me the appropriate info. Just to reiterate, I want to left click the file(s) that I want to erase and then left click the short cut icon without the right click.