Eraser showing No Unused Space To Erase


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What can cause the utility to not see my unused space on the drives? I have three drives that have hundreds of gb's in unused space. In "On Demand" when selecting each drive in "New Task" then selecting "Run" on all three I get> Error: There was nothing to erase. I have Win7x64 and I use the older version as it does not require a Task Bar icon and I do not run it at Startup. I am running the software in Elevated Privileges as Admin.

Another thing is when I tried registering using my original email address I was told first that it was in use or being used, then when I tried to have my Password resent it said something to the effect that there was no listing for that email, so I had to create another email address to be able to post this...frustrating to say the least.

Back to the program not seeing any unused space or failing to erase any. Is this a setting issue that I don't see? The context menu works like it's supposed to erasing files, folders and programs with no problem.
This could be that eraser cannot calculate the disk size or there is so much free it overflows.

In drive properties what are the total bytes free?

>>Another thing is when I tried registering using my original email address
BBS issues , needs an upgrade which is not a trivial matter with so many users and messages.
:roll: too many bytes huh? never knew there was such a thing in this day and time :roll: BBS issues well yeah to say the least lets just say the left hand has a time keeping up with the right hand.
I have a similar concern to the first poster of this question
As far as I can see there is no ability to EXPLICITLY select ONLY free space to erase.
I am mortally afraid of deleting valued files.
It is ONLY (previously used) "free" space that I wish to erase. There are maybe 3,000 waste binned files in this category.

I have looked through the instructions, and nowhere can I find an option for selecting free space.

I don't understand why such a command is unavailable as an automatic and clear option.'

Please advise.