Eraser shutting down entire system?


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From what it looks right now, Eraser is shutting down my computer when finished deleting files that were listed in a Task Document. None of the files are locked, they are deleted without problems and a very short moment after the last file is gone, the computer will begin to shut down.

This never happened with Eraser 5.8.7-beta3 but now suddenly does with beta4. I am running Windows XP Pro SP3.
Hi wishful :)

If you believe this to be a genuine bug would you please make a Trac ticket here.

Thank you.
Before doing that I wanted to make sure of that it indeed is a bug. Looking a bit closer into the issue I found that the task document which was created with beta3 has the option "When finished" field set to blank on some files, which is not the case with newly created task docs. Assuming that this is something one could consider normal when going from one beta to another it might not be a bug at all. Maybe someone can confirm that this is an isolated phenomenon.
Yeah it's a bug with beta 3, not with beta 4. v5.8 had a problem with the scheduler and was only fixed in beta 4.

I'm using the 5.8.7-beta 4 portable and have the problem where some files dragged and dropped to the on demand pane have the When Finished property blank. When eraser is run on that file or on a group that includes a file with the When Finished property blank, it erases the file and/or group of files and shuts the system down every time. What's odd is that not all files have the When Finished property set to blank. Some have When Finished set to None but I cannot determine why. The bottom line for me, however, is that the assertion that the bug was fixed in beta 4 appears not to be the case in my installation.
Hmm, dragging and dropping is a different scenario. To a user it may be the same bug, but the code paths used are different and therefore for most programming purposes its a new bug. Thanks for reporting, please report it on Trac so I'll take a look again. Your help is greatly appreciated.