Eraser starting up on reboot despite no scheduled task

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Hi. I needed to erase some HIPAA-protected material from my hard drive so I downloaded this program. I scheduled it to run on reboot and rebooted my computer. When I rebooted, two instances of the program seemed to run, so I closed one and the other ran fine. Then I removed the task from the scheduler and when I restarted again, Eraser started up again despite nothing in the scheduler (one instance of it this time). How can I get it to stop starting up each time I reboot? This seems like a bug.

One possible reason is that when setting up, I created a task, erased it, and created it again (I was trying to figure the program out a bit). Could it not have removed the initial task I scheduled?
I'm assuming you're referring to the stable version v5. What version of Windows are you using? If Vista, is UAC disabled?

OK I'll tag this post for review.
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