Eraser - Step by Step Guide?


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Hi all, I am an absolute newcommer to this. But have a problem of my own, I wish to wipe out my computer fully and then re-install either Win XP or Windows 7. My PC is an All in one Sony PCV-V1 with wireless Keyboard and only a CD drive.

I felt that as I am going to go through this phase of using Eraser and probably also use DBAN over to make abolutely sure. IT would be beneficial for me as well as other newbies to have a step by step guide. That is to say :

Which version to download?
How to use it? Either USB Stick / or Copy to CD
How to copy to CD.. iso? etc
Do you have to run from swithing off PC or from after booting up etc?
And perhaps how to go onto installing XP or Windows 7 or other operating system

If you want to erase a PC completely then you will need to use DBAN. Burn the ISO to a CD and start your computer with the CD in the drive. It should then prompt you to enter which drives need to be erased, set that and get it running. I can't exactly remember offhand how DBAN works so I can't give exact steps (I don't use DBAN regularly--) but that's about the gist of it. You could try the DBAN forums, they may be better able to help you there.