Eraser still running?! Plus error messages


New Member
Just installed Erase about 2 hours ago...I'm running the 'unused disk space' erase and it is STILL going... How long does this usually take? I understand some people on here have been waiting days?!
***Also, when on my task log, i have several different messages in orange.. Most of them say, 'did not their cluster tips erase because..' If cluster tips aren't being erased, then I'm not getting rid of everything on my harddrive, theoretically... How do I once and for all COMPLETELY REMOVE EVERYTHING FOR ALL ETERNITY?

Any help is much appreciated
There's no way to remove everything if it is a system drive, unless you use an alternative OS or an alternative solution (DBAN comes to mind) With 6.2 (in beta) you can erase non system partitions, but no more.