Eraser stops at 90%, what happen if I then cancelled it?


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I am using Eraser the current Stable version.

I was running a unused space erasure with DOD 3 passes method.
After I got back at my computer, it says running, but Time left is "unknown" and at overall 90% finish. Not moving anymore.

So, I cancelled it and deleted the task.

Question: What happens now? Will 90% of my Harddrive have been passed 3 times? Or like nothing happens at all?
For a free space erase, 90% would be the point where Eraser starts clearing the Directory entries or MFT entries. If you stopped it and it exited, free space should have been wiped but unerased MFT entries would still be recoverable. The MFT entries are a concern only if files are small (<4kb, usually) or if their filenames may be valuable to adversaries.
But with MFT, ppl cannot recover the actually erased data of the files right?

Why is it a concern that when files are smaller than (<4kb)?
Yes. The MFT is a concern because small files can be stored fully within the MFT.