Eraser stuck on 7-passes


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I've been using Eraser for maybe a month, and I like it. I'm using Eraser 5.86.1.

I only need a light overwrite.

I used Eraser earlier set at 7 passes. But I'd like to use it now with few passes.

Via Preferences > Erasing, I opted to Erase with Pseudorandom Data, which only involves 1 pass.

I have since tried several times to run Eraser with only this one pass, but no luck. Eraser is stuck on a 7-pass erase.

I first noticed this when Eraser was telling me that several hours would be needed to do just one small task. I checked, and it was wanting to do 7 passes.

Repeated attempts at re-setting the Preferences hasn't helped.

Can I fix this?


Odd, haven't noticed this my self.

Off hand I'm not sure if 5.86.1 is the latest stable version, whis is reported as 5.8.6a on the website. One of these days I'm sure we'll see a standardized naming scheme :)

I'd suggest uninstalling the version you have and perhaps trying the latest beta or if for any reason the stable version you are using isn't the latest grab 5.8.6a here.

Could you also let us know what OS + patch level you are using
I know an old question, but I have come across the same issue.

I'm using Windows 7 with v5.8.7

I am stuck on 7 pass mode, no matter what I try, I cant change to 1, 3, or even 35 passes!
Is it a scheduled or on-demand task?