eraser style programs for mac????


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hi all,

just wondering if there was a similar program available for mac computers?
can anyone suggest any along with links or is there actually a mac download for eraser?

thanks :)
OS X has similar features build in.

erase files: Secure Empty Trash from Finder
wipe free space : Open 'Disk' select the drive you want to wipe chose the erase tab and then 'Erase free space'

You don't have as many sanitization patterns but enough to be useful. Your choices are erase files, 3 pass DoD 5220.22-m. Free space has 3 options. Write zeros, 7 pass and Gutmann.

If you want a bit more control you can install the free command line version of bcwipe via macports

You would also be wise to turn on File Vault (encrypted $HOME and Secure Virtual Memory via System Preferences \ Security.