Eraser Taking up over 20GB of DATA?????


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I am erasing a portable HD and my internal C: Drive (Eraser is install on) is 500GB. Before I tried to erase the 18GB folder on the portable HD I was sitting at a good 40GB of free space on C:.I just happened to go into My Computer and now I only have 14.2GB OF FREE SPACE?????? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit with latest updates. I am using the LATEST version of Eraser. Please help me! I havent installed anything new or downloaded anything that could make my hard drive continue to shrink like this! This has happened with Eraser before and the only way I could get it to be fixed was a complete reinstall.
This is answered in the FAQ (see link below). You delete (not erase) the nonsense files eraser has written to wipe the free space.