Eraser Task list scheduler issue


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This is an issue I’ve been wanting to report for some time now (pertaining to versions & – never had it with 6.10.2620). It’s to do with Eraser Task list scheduler.

I have a few tasks that are to set to run every few days to a week or so. The issue is that the concerned tasks’ scheduled dates simply advance by a day every time eraser is restarted, either after a system reboot or otherwise. In other words the said tasks never run until manually triggered. The only tasks which run are the ones scheduled to run daily.

Note: I’ve it set to ‘ignore the missed schedule and run at the next appointed time’ in the settings. Otherwise, they all run together almost on a daily basis hogging resources and not to mention unnecessary write cycles.

Although not a huge issue, I’d like to know if there’s a fix for this or if it’s as intended. Ideally, upon a missed schedule, say for a weekly task, the date should change to the corresponding one a week later. The same with any other schedule.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: It seems the developers no longer interact here on the forums. Any advice from some one in the know would help clear things up.
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