Eraser uninstaller corrupted


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I had some problems using eraser (please see my post "Using Eraser Launcher From DOS"). When I was originally downloading the eraser setup file, I got an error message about a "virtual memory call" at the end, but forgot about it when I installed it successfully. In view of the problem I had, I decided to try uninstalling and then re-downloading it. However, I now get the message that the Eraser uninstaller is corrupted and that it can't be uninstalled. Eraser is not listed in the "Add/Remove" Programs list in the Control panel. Please could you advise whether I should uninstall it manually (please could you advise how) or whether it is possible to re-install it over the previous one (i.e. they are both version 5.6).

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Sounds to me like your download was somehow corrupted. I suggest you download the setup program again, and reinstall over the current installation.