Eraser Usability Enhancements


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I am posting this in the vain hope that someone associate with Eraser might read it and incorporate a few suggestions into Eraser. And, it contains some observations along with plenty of speculations about how Eraser is implemented:

Once all of the Administrator authority (described elsewhere) and associated Auto start (using the Windows Task Scheduler) issues are resolved, the Eraser "server" should start without any UAC prompts at LOGON even though it runs with Administrator authority. Since all Eraser requests can be processed without any additional UAC prompts, it should be easy for the Users to access the Eraser Scheduler window. This could be done with one-click to the Eraser Icon in the System Tray if "install" just specified that the "Icon" as well as the "Notifications" should be displayed! (SUGGESTION) The few that wouldn't want this function can "customize" their system. The nice thing about using the Eraser Scheduler is that UAC prompts aren't generated for any Eraser requests submitted this way!

However, creating nonoccuring requests this way can be a little painful. So, I think the much more user-friendly shell extensions should be changed so that they do not generate the annoying and unnecessary UAC prompts! (SUGGESTION) Is it possible to easily repackage the code that generates these requests for the Eraser "server" into a separate program which does NOT run with Administrator authority? If this were possible, it would do more to improve the usability of Eraser than anything else.

Finally, everytime I right-click on a Drive/Partition in Windows Explorer and position the cursor over "Eraser", the top line is "Erase" followed by "Erase Free Space" and "Secure Move". And, everytime, I breakout in a cold sweat when I see "Erase". I know you need to make the function available but we're talking about a complete Drive or Partition here! I hope there are plenty of warnings to the user before queuing this request over to the Eraser "server". I have never had the nerve to find out.