Eraser usage on a NAS Device OPENSSL Encrypted Files


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Will Eraser access and delete files from a NAS (Network Access Storage) device such as the Buffalo TeraStation (1.5TB)?

Will it matter if the files on the device are encrypted using OpenSSL?
Eraser will erase the 'space' used on these drives but as the data is scattered accross disks there is no guarantee that all data is removed.

>>Will it matter if the files on the device are encrypted using OpenSSL?
Only in that it makes recovery almost impossible and provided no plaintext temp files existed before.

Can you recommend a product which will meet these requirements securely?
I have to be able to meet DoD 5220-22.M on a NAS device encrypted using OpenSSL. I would like to use Eraser, DBAN or EBAN but it is hard to ascertain if these requirements can be fulfilled by these products.
Eraser will do what you require but you need to consider the issue of fragmentation accross the individual dsks on the NAS. e.g don.t run a disk defrag

What I am trying to say might be better explained like this:
Say you had a SAN and configured it for RAID then stored your data. Now a few weeks later you decide to add extra HD's The system will virtualise these and restripe data accross the new disks. Old data will remain in empty sectors. Recovery of course would be near impossible.

In your case use Eraser day-todayand when it comes to dumping the NAS DBAN the disks individually.

BTW: What is the name of the device you are using?