Eraser v5.7 Toolbar Problem.


Yes, just thought I'd mention this again and also "isolate" the topic for better clarification.

On v5.7, it's great we have the original icons back in their rightful place, but on my machine at least, the icons have a constant grey background, and changing the Windows colour scheme doesn't bear any effect on the situation.

On previous versions of Eraser, the background surrounding the icons is transparent. Of course like I mention this could be a quirk with my Windows XP setup, but then again it's always there whether I use the Visual Themes or just the regular Windows colour schemes.

Any thoughts on this particular problem Garrett?
I don't have v5.7 and don't know where the problem is, but I do remember that MFC used to have problems handling icons with more than 16 colors. The toolbar code doesn't know how change the icon background to match the window background. Just something you may want to take into consideration when taking a closer look at the problem.
Sorry to have to drag this hoary old chestnut back up again, however as there hasn't been a new release of Eraser in eons I'm just wondering if any "progress" has been made on fixing the 5.7 toolbar problem?

Hoping to do a blitz on eraser problems in the next few weeks. The delays in upgrades are due to the support emails I spend my time answering. :(

I don't mean to rush anyone, but any word on a new release? Just installed a copy of Eraser 5.7 and seeing the toolbar reminded me of this thread... :)
Anybody there? In addition to the icon problem, there's also an entry "Uninstall Eraser 5.6" in the Start menu, even though the version is 5.7. Just another minor detail.