Eraser v5.7 - WINNER of the test!!


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:D You may already know, but it is nice to see a FREE product that has satisfied me from the start, gaining acclaim against others that ALL have high street prices.

Eraser v5.7 was judged to be the winner against five comparative software programs costing between €15 and €38., they being:

Winner: Eraser v5.7 :mrgreen:
2nd: Jetico BCWipe v.3
3rd. O&O Software Safe Erase 2.0
4th. Cypherix Securelt
5th. Paragon Technolgie Disk Wiper 5.5
6th. Ontrack data Eraser Personal Edition

The tests and results have been published in the MOST read informatica magazine in Spain, with over 479,000 readers, which is:

'Computer Hoy' No.162 17-12-04

May I congratulate you on this achievement.

Merry Christmas to all associated with the Eraser program and this forum.

Cheers: :D lovelyperson
Thank you for informing us of this. We will add it to the review section of Eraser site.

Happy Christmas to you as well.

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Anonymous said:
And was price a factor in the rating?

:) Not at all!!

The tests of evaluation for all products covered such items as:

Ease of Installation.

Guide/Help and print features.

Necessary passes for a complete erasing,based on an ideal of one pass.

Print or store the results of erasing.

All functions tested ie: Necessary time for erasing an HD of 80GB (1 pass/various passes).

Possibilities of config.

Possibility of erasing individual files/folders in a FAT32/NTFS/Disquette particion.

Possibilty of recuperation of erased data.

Telephone help.

Online help.

etc, etc.

The results of the test, based on an individual points system for each part of the testing. were totalled for each product. Each product having been subject to the SAME test spec.

The price/cost element played NO PART in the points system.

Eraser 5.7 along with Jetico BCWipe v.3 and O&O Software Safe Erase 2.0, were shown as 'Notable', the other products being shown as 'Good'.
Eraser winning the test by having more points overall than the competitors.

Also shown, as a seperate table, following the outcome of the program testing was the 'Price/Quality' rating. Obviously, Eraser as a free program, was shown as 'Not Calculated', the other products varying between 'Excellent', 'Notable' and 'Sufficient'. The cheapest product at 14,99€ achieved third place in the actual TEST rating.

Again, congratulations to the Eraser 5.7 prog.!!

Hope that this will have helped your thoughts.

Cheers :) lovelyperson