Eraser v6.2.0.2970 Crashed near end of Wiping Free Space.


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I'm using Eraser on Windows 10 and I was trying to wipe the free space (and wipe cluster tips) of my secondary hard drive. However, after being so close to 100% done it said that Eraser has stopped working and closed the program. Explorer then became sluggish for a little while and then I found the leftover files from Eraser which filled up the space in my drive which I then deleted and regained my space. However, checking my deleted files using Recuva I could still see file names for some files (which means it wasn't able to completely erase the free space). I want to know what caused the program to crash and fail to finish it's routine.
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I had this problem too. I've been searching the forums here and one said that there should be file the size of your free space. Once you find it and delete it you should be okay. I wouldn't mind if someone confirmed this though because, like yours, my program crashed before completion.