Eraser very slow to delete files recently


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I have been using this product for the past 2-3 years. During that time I do the same operation weekly. I delete the contents of a specific folder using the 35 pass method. The amount of files is roughly the same each week (1000) as is the total size of the files (about 1-2 gb). In the last six months the time it takes to erase these files has increased dramatically. Probably from an average of about 20 minutes to triple that. I do not know of any changes I've made to cause this. Does anyone have any idea's?
The only guess I could make would be the Content of the folder, those 1000 files. Has the type of file changed, or the way you delete them. How about the version of Eraser you use to delete them with.
Sounds like your hard disk is giving way mate... Or your filesystem drivers has changed. The core algorithms hasn't changed to my knowledge.