Eraser vs. Evidence Eliminator?



Here's a excerpt:

EnCase is the industry leading computer forensic software tool used by most all computer forensic examiners worldwide. Award winning and court tested, EnCase software allows law enforcement and IT professionals to conduct a powerful, yet completely non-invasive computer forensic investigation.

º EnCase features a graphical user interface that enables examiners º
º to easily manage large volumes of computer evidence and view all º
º relevant files, including "deleted" files, file slack and º
º unallocated data. The integrated functionality of EnCase allows the º
º examiner to perform all functions of the computer forensic º
º investigation process, from the initial "previewing" of a target º
º drive, the acquisition of the evidentiary images, the search and º
º recovery of the data and the final reporting of findings, all º
º within the same application. º
º º
º Further, EnCase methodology allows the examiner to perform these º
º processes in a non-invasive manner, meaning not one byte of data is º
º changed on the original evidence. The final reports and extracts º
º generated by the built-in report feature documents the investigation º
º results and integrity of the original data with a clear and concise º
º chain of custody to ensure the authentication of the examined º
º electronic evidence in a court of law.