Eraser vs TrueCrypt?


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Hi. everybody!

I've been using Eraser for a year or so for basic purposes (file deletion and unused space wiping).
I am a newbie and don't know much about how computers work so my question might sound funny to some of you, but I have to make it clear before I mess things up.

I intend to use TrueCrypt to encrypt some sensitive data on my PC, but something came across my mind.
If I create an encrypted volume (if I understand it correctly), as long as it is not mounted it is invisible, i.e. it appears as unused space with random data.
If I run Eraser for unused space wiping will it overwrite my encrypted volume and therefore destroy all data within?
Should I mount the TC volume first and then run Eraser?

Any help is welcome.

Thank You
Truecrypt creates a file that looks like random data. The file itself is not regarded as freespace, since the file is visible, though it looks meaningless to the casual observer. Even a hidden volume has to be hidden within the contents of that visible file (the point being that someone could force you to display the contents of the visible TrueCrypt volume, but can't prove if there is a hidden one within it).

Therefore a freespace wipe will not affect the TrueCrypt volumes. If you were to delete the TrueCrypt volume first and then do a freespace wipe, the TrueCrypt volume would be erased along with the other freespace.
Thus no conflict between Eraser and TrueCrypt.
I thought the TC volume was invisible until the passphrase is typed in.
Now I get it.

Gralfus, thank you very much for your answer.