Eraser will not install on AMD64


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I have an HP AMD64 laptop with XP Media Center Addition 2005. I down loaded the AMD64 version of eraser. When I went to install a window popped up stating "cannot install files to 64 bit locations on this version of windows". :(

My question is should I use another version of Eraser 5.82 or is Media Center Addition the problem? Is the AMD64 file meant for Vista? Help please. I like Eraser and hope to still keep using it with my new machine.

Thank you for any help.
Ok I know 100% it works on XP64 (AMD64).

Could this be a user rights issue?

Will do some investigations.


Thank you for the reply. XP Media Center 2005 is a 32 bit operating system. It is loaded on an HP laptop running an AMD 64 chip sent. My original post may not have been clear on that point.

Anyway I'm signed on as an adminstrator on my computer and I should have full access to my files, at least what Microsoft lets me anyway.

I have heard that Media Center at times has trouble running certain programs.

Anyway thanks for checking.

I think you might be installing the 64 bit version onto a 32bit os.

Try to install the x86 setup instead.


You were right. X86 loaded and worked just fine. Will I need the AMD64 version when Vista is installed?

Anyway thank you for your help. :lol: