Eraser Will Not Run on Win. 98


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I downloaded Eraser to my new PC to a CD and inserted into my old PC which I wish to donate to charity.
When I tried to run the exe file, I received a message that I need to upgrade Windows 98 to a newer version. I thought Eraser will support Windows 98, Help!
The most recent version that supports Win 98 is Eraser 5.7, downloadable from the Eraser files page on Sourceforge (and not from the Eraser website).

If you have the Win 98 install disk, or some other recovery arrangement for your PC, you could use DBAN, which is also downloadable from Sourceforge.

Hi David, I just downloaded Eraser from Sorceforge to my new PC and then inserted the CD to the older PC. I tried to run the program and same message: I must upgrade my Windows. The Eraser version number is
Am I doing something wrong?
Hi David, I went to Sourceforge and clicked on "View all files" and found the 5.7 folder containing 2 zipped files. I'm not that PC savy, but I can't figure out how to download to my CD. The download button on the screen only downloads ver. 6.07.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Download this file, unzip it, and run the setup program. You might want to do the downloading and unzipping on a more recent computer (XP or later) that can can handle zip files, then use a pen drive or CD-ROM to transfer the unzipped setup file to your Windows 98 computer. Alternatively, download and install 7-ZIP on the Windows 98 machine.

Hi David, You're a genius! The link worked like a charm. I had to download to the new PC and transfer
to the old. The old PC has dialup and Verizon Fios needs ethernet. I'm busy reading all of the Help topics and will try to use the "On Demand" option.
Thanks again,