Eraser will not run


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I have long been a user of Eraser and am very impressed with the product, but only up to ver 5.8.
I have tried to install and run ver 6, and to date none of the ver 6 releases will run.
All appear to install OK, although the Start Menu entriy does not include an unistall option.
However on starting up all I get is a message from Windows XP, which is my OS, that Ersaer has caused an error.
Is it worth my while bothering with this version of the application, as the consistent failure is getting a little iritating.
I still have ver 5.8 installed as I like the option of being able to create an Erase Disk (the boot 'n' Nuke disk).
Very probably, the problem is your attempt to run both versions simultaneously, which is not possible. To get either to run satisfactorily, you will need to uninstall both (and, ideally, delete any install folders and registry entries that remain on the system), and then install the one you prefer. Version 5.8.8 works fine on XP; version 6 does not now come with DBAN as that software has not been updated for several years and is no longer supported by its programmer. However, you can download DBAN and use it separately if you wish.