Eraser with TrueCrypt, Eraser with Encryption Anywhere


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We are thinking of using Eraser with TrueCrypt and also using Eraser with Encryption Anywhere. Does anyone have experience using Eraser combined with these disk encryption products?


I use Eraser to both erase free space within my TruCrypt volume and to securely erase files within the TruCrypt volume - it works fine.

I believe the only caveat there is that the TC volume needs to be dis-mounted when running a freespace wipe on the rest of the computer (it takes much longer if you don't dismount it - I think). Pete
My PC always locked up every time I tried use Eraser within a TrueCrypt volume. Then I realized that since the volume is already encrypted, the files inside don't need to be erased, they can just be deleted. I've never recovered anything forensically afterward, so the concept seems to be true.
Hi, Gralfus!

The only way I could make it hang here was to manually go through Explorer (without having the TC volume - "My Volume" - mounted) and trying to either defrag or erase freespace on "My Volume" itself.

It won't do it - or if it will, I 've never left it trying long enough to find out.

What I finally wound up doing was using FolderHide on "My Volume", to take it out of the equation entirely unless I actually wanted to mount the volume in TC (at which time, I un-hide it, of course). Pete