Eraser With Windows 98?


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Can anyone please tell me if there is a version of Easer that will work on a Windows 98 computer please.
I have just discovered that Eraser Home page indicates that Eraser supports Windows 98 but I have just installed it and I got a message telling me that I need to update my version of Windows. My need to use Eraser on W98 is that I already have a Vista computer and wish to get rid of W98 after if has been erased. Cna anyone help please?
Hello K Blake. I found the same after my last post. I downloaded the latest version and it seems to work. It runs on each of the options be it the short method of running through on 1 or 7 times or the thorough method of 47 passes. So, I guess it's OK. Brian
You should always download Eraser binaries from the SourceForge website or the Eraser website ( and respectively) to ensure that the binaries are from us and that they work as advertised and do not contain modifications. Also check hash signatures (e.g. MD5, SHA-1's) and digital signatures (all Eraser binaries are signed with a digital signature either by Heidi Computers or myself)

Just FYI, I have used Eraser v 5.6a (1-2003) and 5.7 (7-2003) on Windows 98 (SE) in the not too distant past. And they both seemed to work OK.
Admittedly, it was a short project to work on two machines, but seemed fine.
(the version 5.6a and 5.7 I've used are versions I had downloaded ages ago... )