Eraser won't erase


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I have both DiskInternals Uneraser and Eraser. I had a bunch of files in d:\mytest and I shift-Deleted all of them. I run Uneraser and it shows them by name and as recoverable. I was able to recover all of them. I then again shift-deleted all of them. I then run eraser to delete all files in that same directory and it apparently executes ok. I then start up uneraser and they are still there and they are still recoverable.

I'm running eraser as an administrator. Using Windows 7 64 bit.

What am I doing wrong?
Please could you be more explicit about the exact sequence of events after the second Shift-Delete action. Did you recover the files a second time, or did you leave them deleted and run an 'erase all files in folder' action in Eraser? Were there other files in the folder that were not deleted, but which you erased? If so, are those files recoverable?

I left them all deleted, ran Eraser on that directory (default). It ran very quickly but did nothing. The deteted files were still there.
However, I have since ran Eraser to delete all free space on D and that ran a very long time and did indeed erase everything. So, It appears that it will not work on a single directory but works on the drive.
If I understand things correctly, there was a misunderstanding on your part. Eraser does not erase already deleted files (except, as you saw, by erasing free space on the drive). I suggest that you go to the FAQ (link below), and read the topic on 'getting to know Eraser 6'. That explains how eraser works, and describes the 3 ways in which you can use it to erase selected files.