Eraserd Problem (version 5.82)


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My apologies for the lengthy post, so please bear with me.

Yesterday, I created a partition on my hard disk from its freespace (Used Partition Magic 8 - 1 GB in size with FAT filesystem) and allocated about 1 GB for that as I wanted to put my swap file (512 MB in size) and Internet Explorer's cache folders on there as well. That way I can use eraserd to erase those files in DOS and avoid using the Windows version of Eraser.

I am using a Windows 98 2nd edition startup disk, to boot the computer to DOS, and erase Internet Explorer's cache files using the eraserd program. I would use Eraser in Windows, but I don't trust the OS to do this as these files are in use, thus cannot be erased per se.

However, I am experiencing weird behavior from the eraserd program..


I'm at d:\ and type "eraserd -folder history -subfolders -passes 7"

Then the program does the wipe, but then I get a weird error message:

"Eraser: Failed to erase" (may have actually said "delete" - can't remember exactly) then after that message, it's filled with a bunch of random garbage characters for about 3 lines down from the command prompt and the program freezes. :? :? :? Then I have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart the system or sometimes I have to turn off the computer power and reboot that way.

Sometimes it doesn't give me an error message or random junk characters but the program still halts after seemingly wiping the folder. But on reboot to DOS again, I still see the folder there, so the program didn't seem to work.

I've tried booting clean (that is bypass config.sys and autoexec.bat) on booting, thinkning perhaps something loading up in there was the culprit, but that doesn't seem to be the problem.

What in the world is going on? Can someone throw me a bone here, as I am stumped? :?
We use FreeDOS now to test eraserD and were thinking of pulling eraser for dos from the binary distribution.

In the current version under preferences you can ask eraser to wipe a file on reboot.