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I have setup a batch file to do a zero of freespace. I defined in eraser a pattern named zero with the bytes set to zeros. I then entered the following command line:

call "C:\program files\eraser\eraserl.exe" -disk c: -method "zero"

I have triec all combinations of this command and have even tried entering it from a command prompt from within the directory where eraserl resides and I keep getting the syntax screen.

eraserl -disk c -method zero
eraserl -disk c: -method zero
eraserl disk c: method zero
eraserl disk c method zero

What is the correct syntax to run eraserl using my defined method?
I'm afraid you will not be able to user Eraserl with the method you want. The command line version connot be configured to use anything other that Gutmann, DoD, DoD_E, Random Passes, or Library. The closest thing I can suggest is that you use this command:

C:\Program Files\Eraser\eraserl.exe -disk all -method Random 10

This will wipe the drive ten time using psuedorandom data. You can do what you want via the main eraser exectable but for the purposes of a bat file you will need to use eraserl. Hope that helps.

cmd to zero free space

try sdelete (from MS no less - used to be SysInternals). I think this will allow you to zero the freespace via a batch file.