eraserl on startup woes


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I have set up a bat file to run at system start using Task Scheduler to erase numerous XP Pro folders, eg cookies, history, with eraserl. Whilst I do not specify –silent, there is no progress dialog and there is no evidence that anything is happening except the data is gone once the desktop appears. How can I see a progress dialog?

The task is still shown as running 30 minutes after boot up. Why is it still running? Nothing appears to be happening. eraserl.exe is shown as a running process. In fact this causes some programs to crash, which is only cured after ending the task and process and rebooting.

I have set up my temp internet files on the first partition on a second drive. Despite having show hidden files and folders checked, I cannot get explorer to show anything other than the temp internet files folder itself, subfolders and their contents refuse to show. How can I see these subfolders? All partitions are currently Fat32.

The bat file clears out the temp internet folder apart from a cgi-bin file and some cookies, although on double clicking on these Windows can’t find the files. What is happening here?

Index.dat files are not erased. Can one only erase these from safe mode or booting as a different user, renaming the files and then erasing?

Sorry for the length of this posting. Any help would be appreciated.
I assume Task Scheduler here is the windows Task scheduler.

If so you need to make sure the app is running with the correct permissions.

Let it run as administrator and see if that fixes the problem.

Yes, it's Windows Task Scheduler.

I'm fairly new to XP. How do I run the task as Administrator?
When you are setting up your task one of the options in the wizard is to enter your username and password.

Enter the username with admin rights e.g

Username: Administrator
Password : jfjfjfj

What are the command lines you put in your bat file? I would like to also use eraser at windows startup.
Disregard what you're doing and use TIF-Clean . You'll have the option to delete or securely delete, chose secure and use Eraser. This will take a little work on your part so read the instructions carefully. I use a modification of this and it works perfectly! :D