Eraser's Tray unneccessarly keeping taskbar active


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I got a problem with the tray of Eraser on my Windows 7 system.
Regularly, my taskbar is set to hide itself when not hovering the mouse over it.
Anyhow, when Eraser is used and finishes a task, the Icon keeps the taskbar and therefore go over applications I'm using at that moment - on automatic tasks this can be very very annoying and frustrating, as I have to click and close the Tray each time that happens.
Also, it's not possible to disable the balloon notifications when a task is beginning or finishing - this is annoying as well.
Personally, most of the time, I dont want to be notified when eraser is working or finishing on a task.

In case this matters, I have changed the Registry value for balloon notifications to turn them off as Eraser was so annoying (affects all programs though).

How can I get these problems fixed?
I'm looking forward to get a usefull answer and thank you in advance.

In Windows 7, you can use the tray 'customise' option to set the properties of each icon. Set the Eraser icon properties to 'Hide icon and notifications', and both will disappear.

I also use msconfig.exe to disable Eraser's running process (and icon) on startup; the icon only then appears when I actually use Eraser.