Erases Index.dat on Reboot ??



Lo all.

I'm on XP Home and use Eraser 5.7. When I checked my index.dat files on my system after reboot, they were not empty. What am I doing wrong?
Windows XP has no DOS mode, so I'll assume that you tried to "erase" the index.dat files whilst in Windows. In which case you do know that the index.dat files are "locked" by Windows, and unless a program has a specific function to unlock the index.dat files and then either delete them or erase them, then they will remain intact. Eraser, btw does not have an in-built function for "unlocking" the index.dat files, so guess what? No cheddar my friend. :wink:
Can you log into XP using a different profile, like you can in Win2K, then erase the index.dat from your usual profile whilst using the second profile?
stubborn index.dat's...move uptown!

You can use Eraser on the index.dat's by running a RAM drive. Use IE to move the TIF caches to the "Z" drive; and Xteq's X-Setup 6.3 to relocate the Cookies, Recent, History and Temp folders to the same virtual drive. Reboot with this config and you can go to the old folders and erase them. This works best if your's is the only profile. When you turn the RAM drive off and backtrack the reg to the original configuration, the missing folders and clean index.dat's will self-replicate in the winnt folder...but sometimes in a different order.

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...I didn't mean to say "winnt" folder as the location of the nfo-sucking folders...sorry.