Erasing a defective drive?


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I purchased a Maxtor drive about a month ago. It is already failing, so I am exchanging it under warnantee. However, I already copied my cvs repository and other proprietary data on the drive. Normally, I would just erase the drive with Norton Wipe Info, but as I said the drive is defective. Normally it allows me to write data without error, but periodically the drive hangs while reading data.

I have already overwritten the entire drive by reformatting and then filling the drive with encrypted copies of a system32 file. However, remember on old floppy disks it was possible sometimes to recover overwritten data if the position of the write head had shifted over the age of the drive. I wonder if something simmular is possible with hard drives.

Can Eraser overwrite the data repeatedly, without reading the data back in from the drive? Even if the write head is shifting, eventually with enough writes all the surface area should be overwritten .