Erasing a folder


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When i right click on a folder and use eraser it will erase what in the folder but it still show the folder and it have like letters under the folder like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or something, but if i move it to recycle bin and shred folders that way it works. was wondering why when i right click folder it does this and is there a way around this little mishap....
Which version are you using? I don't think Eraser will cause a folder to be renamed to zzzzz.
the newest version and that was a example, but when u delete certain folders by right click it when it done it say errors and it will leave random numbers and letters under the file name....
Though I'd really like to know what the file names are, it sounds as though erasing files have been left on the drive; those can be deleted (not erased) without problems.

To go into more detail, we'd need to know the OS version, the exact version of Eraser you are using (the term 'latest version' is actually ambiguous), and the text of any error message.