Erasing already erased JPEGS


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Hi, I am trying to erase some jpeg files. I cannot erase them with the eraser because i have already "deleted" them so the thumbnails still show up when i search for JPEGS on my computer. Can somebody tell me how i can get rid of these files?
The only way to remove files that were already deleted is to do a "freespace" wipe of the partition or drive. Open My Computer, right-click on the drive in question, and select "Erase free space" (I don't remember the exact phrase, though that may be it). Using 1 pass of pseudorandom data is fine for this procedure, but may take some time with a large drive.
The thumbnails are stored in a "Thumbs.db" file in every folder. You can enable the display of hidden files and folders and erase the thumbs.db files.