Erasing and erasing.



It just struck me that those who get paranoid about erasing,for example,browsing and/or downloading tracks might possibly be facing two very different problems? Presuming the browsing person was sensible enough to use Firefox (or Opera) and these having no locked files that are difficult to get at like IE,it is,I imagine fairly straight forward to erase successfully the evidence of browsing activities.I am probably wrong,but do not recall these browsers writing anything of note privacy wise to the Registry,or leave traces in any other area.In the case of Firefox,I imagine that just thoroughly erasing the history,cache,cookies and downloads files therein would be enough.However, any downloads made using Firefox might then go onto the HDD and then to the not so easily checked grasp of Windows in most cases,and does not therein lie the real risk for the unwary, or just plain stupid if it was something really illegal?Evidence of something nasty being accessed and left in an ISPs records is another matter of course,and provides an addtional trap for the more undesirable members of the browsing community.
Whether my theory "holds water"or not ,it would be interesting to find out from one or two of our resident gurus,and to hear their additional wise comments as well!