erasing and reinstalling ME


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Gateway Select 1200 20g hd, I want to reinstall ME from start so I can use an XP upgrade disc to go to XP. On the reinstall discs I got witht the computer, it gives option of erasing everything then reinstalling, but stops and says it cant go on due to and imcomplete previous installation. If I use Dban to wipe the hd, will I be able just to go to the reinstall discs and run them, or will I have to fdisk/reformat or whatever? Thanks in advance, Jim.
Try starting the Windows XP installation media first. If it asks you to insert your Windows ME media instead of checking the hard disk for a Microsoft operating system, then you can use DBAN and not reinstall Windows ME.

Past that, call Gateway technical support and ask them whether their Windows ME restore media will install to a blank hard disk.