Erasing empty disk space


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I have been using 5.7 successfully for some time - and then upgraded to 6.0.6..., and then erased my empty space, which was completed with errors. Now I don't have any space left on my computer. I've tried rerunning without success, then uninstalled and installed v5.8, which erased my remaining 400mb - but I still cannot perform a system restore. Windows won't let me go back other than to today's date. How do I get my empty space back?

I read some of the other posts - v5.7 (and by implication 5.8) is a much easier version to use.

There's a folder in the root of your drive with a random filename and with random filenames inside, with files of a constant size which is using your space. Delete that.
I would imagine that during the erase process some other process would have locked the file (anti virus, search indexer) and prevented the folder from being deleted. I've got new code in trunk that's supposed to solve this, but I haven't seen real-world results of the new code yet.