erasing eraser & deleted files


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Before downloading and using eraser I need to be sure that: 1) I can delete only deleted files (which I believe I can) and 2) that I can uninstall eraser so that there is no trace it was ever there (this I am not sure of). Can both of these things be done?
I'm in the process of evaluating Eraser myself. So far, it seems very good at what it does. The one drawback seems to be the fact that it can't eliminate all traces of directory entries, and I'm not sure anything can under NTFS (except for a full disk wipe an reformat)--rather, it overwrites them with random data. But I'm not positive about this yet, either.

As for using eraser with no trace that it was there: Eraser does seem to require a system install (the help file lists all installed components). But if you want to run Eraser on a system with no risk of installation traces, I'd think the way to go would be to use eraser from a PE disk (e.g. a CD made using BartPE or similar program, which includes Eraser).
Swifty said:
Is BartPE a bit like a Linix Live CD? Cannot get on the site at the moment :0.

Yes. As I understand it, BartPE is a system for creating bootable Windows CD's, mainly for the purpose of mass installations of a Windows OS or programs. But it's also useful for simply creating bootable Windows CD's for forensics or other uses.